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Michael Clendenen

I’m The Marketer You Call When
You’re Serious About:

Results, Revenue & Rapid Scaling.

• $19,732,000 In Revenue Generated For Clients

• Winner of the Triple Diamond Association
  “Best Up-Coming Marketer” Award

• Partnered With Office Depot

• Former Facebook Employee

• 2nd Highest Paid Copywriter On Amazon In 2019

Email Marketing

Sales Funnels


How Can I Help You?

My name is Michael Clendenen and I opened my doors as a freelance copywriter in 2017. Originally, I cut my teeth being a commission based marketer – which means I only made money when my clients did.

– No retainers.
– No sign up fees.
– Just good old fashioned sales.

Having no safety net is what propelled me to discover exactly what marketing strategies worked… and which ones didn’t.

Since then, I’ve written 2 books, launched 2 businesses, worked at Facebook, put one client on Shark Tank (Seneca Hampton) and  have  wins in every big niche out there.

If you need someone who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty and bring home the bacon, I’m your guy.


Want To Improve Your Marketing ?

You can schedule a one-time consultation using the calendar below. (The $225 consulting fee is excluded for the first call.)

Once you book a call, you will receive a personal email from me with additional questions about your project.

Its A  Great Day For Marketing,

Michael Clendenen 


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